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I'm Hays

I am a remote first multi-discipline product designer with vast experience in UI/UX 📱 and strategic branding🎨


My hybrid of design skills and curiosity led to the creation of "Visual Nomad." Before the pandemic I made to move to working remote and  always deliver the best service from every location. I started my career in London and work with clients across the world, including Africa, Europe and the US 🌎 I’m an inspired traveller that's visited almost 60 countries - this is how I nurture my craft. I'm currently based in Zambia/London. I believe in working hard, but prefer to work smart.

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Most recent projects 💻


Ongoing product design updates 👵🏻

Working with the founder and head of development to design and implement new features for a startup that helps people find retirement communities for themselves of loved ones. Project include both the customer facing site and the admin portal. 

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End to end rebrand and refresh💡

Working closely with one of the founders and a product owner we redesigned the sitemap, created wireframes based on each pages KPI's for mobile and desktop and a full suite of fully visually designed pages. I delivered a component library and design system elements like typographic styles, icon sets etc, wireframes and UI pages for 14 pages (two breakpoints) over a 6 week period. 

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Redefining the customer experience 🔌

Together with a UX/Strategy team we defined the "as-is" customer journey experience for Shell Electric Vehicles and from research created the ideal "to-be" customer experience. We tested 23 scamped concepts (see left) with participants who owned EV's to validate potential future ideas Shell could develop.

Idea 1 - Automatic home charging times using EV tariff_1x.jpg
Idea 21 - Entertainment suggestion e.g. nearest shops, restaurants, suggested podcasts_2x.
Idea 19 - Get notified when someone is waiting_2x.jpg

My favourite design and prototype tools  ⚒️

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Clients I've worked with 🤳🏻

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