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Shell  electric vehicles

Customer experience concepting

Client & task





Working with Foolproof agency we were tasked to analyse the as-is customer experience journey for customers making the switch from a fuel car to an electric car, and to map out the ideal to-be experience. Shell came to us with the intention of increasing customers making the switch to EV and improving the existing experience for current EV owners

  1. To analyse the as-is customer experience 

  2. To create an ideal to-be customer experience 

Shape 1.png

The UX consultants on the project analysed the existing as-in journey and together as a team we visualised the map. Once this was done we looked into the pain points that existed and concepted some ideas that could solve these problems. We then ran a week long research session with 12 participants from UK, Germany and The Netherlands. We created 23 ideas and I illustrated them in scamps to help users understand each idea in research. From the findings in the research we simplified the to-be map and visualised this for the end deliverable. 

The solution

Our process


Working with a UX Designer and a UX Strategist and occasionally head of design we used Miro and white-boarding sessions to come up with ideas based on research (both internally and from Shell) on how to improve the customer experience and upsell EV's


Using a mixture of Balsamiq and hand drawn scamps, I created 23 concepts with the team for testing. The ideas were intended to illustrate both at home and on the go experience for people at all touch-points. 

User interviews

I helped facilitate a user interview workshop ran by the UX designers. We interviewed 12 participates who owned and used EV's and took them through some of the concepted ideas and asked them to give feedback and rank their favourites and ones that would change their current EV experience

Idea 1 - Automatic home charging times using EV tariff_1x.jpg
Idea 4 - Vehicle range on a map_2x.jpg
Idea 5 - Preemptive prompt about charging location_2x.jpg
Idea 18 - Machine availability (shown on machine)_2x.jpg
Idea 11.1 Get digital receipt + post sign up_2x.jpg
Idea 23 - Leaves reward mechanism - collect points for charging effectively_2x.jpg

The experience maps

Our final deliverables were the as-is map and the to-be map. As they are part of the same journey and brand we wanted visual consistency but to illustrate a simpler journey in the to-be. Within the to-be map we had several ideas from concepting and research that Shell could implement and develop internally. The Shell team and participants were really excited about these ideas coming into reality.  

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