Customer experience concepting

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Working with Foolproof agency we were tasked to analyse the as-is customer experience journey for customers making the switch from a fuel car to an electric car, and to map out the ideal to-be experience. Shell came to us with the intention of increasing customers making the switch to EV and improving the existing experience for current EV owners

  1. To analyse the as-is customer experience 

  2. To create an ideal to-be customer experience 

Shape 1.png

The UX consultants on the project analysed the existing as-in journey and together as a team we visualised the map. Once this was done we looked into the pain points that existed and concepted some ideas that could solve these problems. We then ran a week long research session with 12 participants from UK, Germany and The Netherlands. We created 23 ideas and I illustrated them in scamps to help users understand each idea in research. From the findings in the research we simplified the to-be map and visualised this for the end deliverable. 

The solution

Our process


Using a mixture of Balsamiq and hand drawn scamps, I created 23 concepts with the team for testing. The ideas were intended to illustrate both at home and on the go experience for people at all touch-points. 

Idea 1 - Automatic home charging times using EV tariff_1x.jpg
Idea 4 - Vehicle range on a map_2x.jpg
Idea 5 - Preemptive prompt about charging location_2x.jpg
Idea 18 - Machine availability (shown on machine)_2x.jpg
Idea 11.1 Get digital receipt + post sign up_2x.jpg
Idea 23 - Leaves reward mechanism - collect points for charging effectively_2x.jpg

The experience maps

Our final deliverables were the as-is map and the to-be map. As they are part of the same journey and brand we wanted visual consistency but to illustrate a simpler journey in the to-be. Within the to-be map we had several ideas from concepting and research  that Shell could implement and develop internally.