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Remote - US based startup

SeekerPitch is a start-up based in the US that aims to make jobseeking and talent finding more enjoyable by taking the gimmicks, complex job applications, and impersonal cover letters out of the equation. SeekerPitch enables job seekers and companies to show their true colours with cutting edge profiles. Their USP is creating a platform to create "SeekerPitches" - a quick 5-minute video with the employer and candidates to personalise and speed up the recruitment process.

  1. To create a company logo, brand colours and typographic styles for digital 

  2. Research competitors and wireframe the core user journeys from business plan 

  3. Create high fidelity UI screens and prototype for investors 

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We began by designing SeekerPitches new logo & some light branding work. Then working closely with the founder and the team through regular check-ins and analysis of business plan and user personas I started to research competitor brands and form ideas on the core screens wireframes. The project evolved quickly due to the changing fast-paced nature of working with start-ups. We defined the sitemap of the site and then prioritised key screens from that. I created wireframes that were approved by the client and then moved on to applying the new colour pallet and branding to the UI designs and always iterating the experience as we moved along. Once approved the UI designs were prototyped on Invision, in preparation for an investor presentation. I now support and evolve the ongoing MVP design and look forward to their upcoming launch. 

The solution

The process

Step 1 - Logo & branding 

We started by defining five key words for the brand and understanding where in the market they intended to sit, who their customers/clients are intended to be. This was an inspiration to start creating logo options. The founder had colours in mind for the pallet which we built upon and evolved. We had two rounds of logo ideas and meetings to go through each option, and eventually fused ideas together to create the current logo. 

Step 2 - wireframing

The next stage was to create a sitemap and understand the complexity of the full site, before prioritising what to design first due to time and budget. From that, we created wireframes for the core pages, the homepage, the "what is a SeekerPitch" page, the core pages for the employers and jobseekers and the login states. There were several check-ins with the client over this stage in the project to ensure everything was correct. 


Step 3 - Page designs

The final stage was the UI design. This took up the majority of the time in the project as we were defining the colour, type and image look and feel as we went along. We worked in an agile way and made iterations to the designs based on new stakeholders feedback and shift in focus as the project developed.


We created around UI page designs for different users and thought about both the logged in and logged out states and how the header is affected. The focus was to make the site fun and easy to use and bring some human elements into job seeking. I work with SeekerPitch as and when they need design support and the product is due to launch later this year. 

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