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Client & task





Working with Splendid Unlimited agency we were tasked with aligning the brand CTA colours and icon lockups and typography on the contact us & concierge pages of the site on both desktop and mobile. 

  1. To align existing brand elements 

  2. To increase customers booking test drives and sales

The solution

Shape 1.png

Working with the two brand fonts we explored different options and lockups on for the concierge  module on the homepage. We had daily check-ins with the client to ensure that we were sticking to MINI's guidelines and they would feedback on several options we'd present. Every design decision based around increasing sales and test drives.


We completed the project by delivering these new modules:


Navigation CTA

Main CTA's 

Icon CTA's

CTA links

Concierge CTA module 

Promo spot module

CTA Content module 


The New modules

Concierge module

Link CTA used in the concierge module.


Lockup with the two icon CTAs intended to be the core actions.

Mobile - Concierge CTA - FINAL.jpg
Concierge CTA -  FINAL.jpg

Promo spot module

Secondary CTA used here to let the image and content lead the module and attract the user.


Images can be interchanged to suit the copy.


We recommend creating content for 3 or 6 blocks to keep this module visually balanced.

Mobile - Promo spot 1.jpg
Promo spot 1.jpg

CTA content

Large Icon CTA used for the CTA Content module. This includes the copy for more information for the user - to encourage click through if the section is relevant to them. Recommended to be four always when used on other pages and to limit the copy to one line each.

Mobile - CTA content panel_2x.jpg
Desktop CTA content panel_2x.jpg


Using the dark brand colours for the footer.

Mobile - Footer.jpg
Desktop - Footer 1.jpg
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