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Defining the digital experience for a travel start-up


Flash Pack




Product Design | Brand Strategy 

Project overview

Flash Pack is a travel start-up that offers adventures for like-minded solo travellers in their 30s and 40s that really get under the skin of a place via local and unique experiences. Think the thrill of backpacking, elevated by boutique hotels and seamless itineraries.​

The challenge
  1. To apply the company's new rebrand to digital: create an accessible colour palette, typography styles, iconography, and accessible imagery

  2. To improve the customer's purchase journey through seamless interactions and user journeys 

  3. To create a editorial mini-brand: Solo

My role

I initiated the design process with wireframes, focusing on the customer's journey. Collaborating with the marketing and product teams, I aimed to clearly present the company's unique selling points in order to drive sales. Adopting agile methods with developers, we rapidly tested and applied new designs, utilising a digital component library. I established the site's typography, colour palette from the rebranding, and directed the imagery.

For design validation, we conducted an in-house user testing workshop, targeting three key aspects: interaction with the carousel, accessibility of information, and the date picker's ease of use.

Following positive feedback, we documented the designs in Storybook for efficient updates and testing by developers, leading to their integration into live code and a comprehensive digital style guide.

The solution

In a rapid eight-week sprint, we not only unveiled a transformative branded website marked by significant UI/UX enhancements but also launched a new sub-brand dedicated to an editorial content hub. This initiative was designed to enrich the user experience further, providing a dedicated space for engaging, informative content. The design's modular nature allowed for unparalleled flexibility, empowering our in-house team with seamless content management capabilities and the ability to rapidly iterate and learn from the initial launch.


Remarkably, within a few days of unveiling the new brand identity and content hub, the company's profits surged to an astonishing tenfold increase over the typical monthly earnings.

We delivered a comprehensive suite of UI page designs, encompassing the entire website spectrum from the homepage, product pages, country-specific pages to legacy content, and a meticulously redesigned mega navigation. This holistic redesign not only elevated the user experience but also played a pivotal role in driving unprecedented financial success, significantly bolstered by the strategic introduction of the editorial content hub under the new sub-brand.




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